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Ancient Indic Hair Oil

The only hair oil for all your hair related issues.

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Featuring The Ancient Beauty Secret for Healthy Hair

Schönmehr™ Ancient Indic Hair Oil is created only with the rich Ayurvedic herbs, Natural Essential Oils & Extracts making it natural, nourishing & especially gentle for all hair types & scalps.

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Infused with Earth Elements

Infused with 11 Natural Ingredients derived from plants & fruits

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Rejuvenating & Nourishing Hair Care

Gently hydrates, nourishes & moisturizes the scalp, hair shaft & hair follicles


No Toxic & Harmful Chemicals

No paraben, No sulphate, No mineral oils, No non-natural ingredients




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Promotes hair growth

Revitalises hair tissues

Boosts blood circulation

Combats hair fall

Pevents dry scalp & dandruff

Adds shine, tames frizz

Controls premature greying

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“Ancient Ayurvedic Beauty Secret for Healthy Hair”

is what we use to describe our hair product.

Our hair oil is formulated with double the Active Ingredients in one product compared to other products.

No fillers, no additives,  just simple, natural wellness which can be used from a 3 year old baby to adults.

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Enriched with Ylang Ylang essential oil

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